Farne Islands Trip

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Puffins Ahoy!
Unlike many of the visitors that day I had never seen so many birds and so close at hand. We visited two islands (one outer Farne and the other Inner Farne). Both islands had puffins. Almost immediatley you are struck with the facial features, clown like with sad expressions but very colourful. The pairs are now rearing young in their burrows. At times while shooting it was like looking at a Dogfight as the aerial battle ensued. These agile flyers had to dodge fierce opposition from gulls who were after their catch (sandeels). The catch of the day seemed to be 7 sandeels by one puffin. As they come in to land the birds have to run the gauntlet as they are mobbed by black headed gulls. Many puffins just dropped their catch to fly another day. Terns were also nesting and this time it was the photographers that ran the gauntlet as the parent birds pecked heads of any passerby.