Gibraltar Point, National Nature Reserve

Article text
Over the past few years my love of wildlife (in particular birds) has growth and yet I would not say I am a twitcher...yet. Gibraltar Point is a must if you are interested in wildlife as the reserve is teaming with migrant and domestic birds. I had hoped to see Fieldfare which pack out the reserve form October to March, however, I saw much more including Redwing and Curlew. The lucky spot was this Little Egret. It was a quiet time in the Jackson's March as no one else saw this fine bird. It stoked up on 15-20 fish before taking flight, circled the mere once and headed south. I later met someone in army gear high on the headland above the saltmarshes. He had binoculars and a spotting scope. At first I thought he was SAS. However, we soon chatted about birds just as a Sparrow Hawk flew by after prey. I walked on further and was startled as an owl swooped over the marsh. Without doubt this is one of the finest reserves in the UK and it will require a return visit or visits.

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